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Speculative Futures

Ana Prvacki

February–May 2011, Bloomberg Global Headquarters, New York City, NY

Speculative Futures looks at futurological tendencies in art and how they may relate to the context of Bloomberg Global Headquarters in conjunction with SculptureCenter.

About the Exhibition
Installed throughout the various floors of Bloomberg Global Headquarters, and conceived of in relation to the architectural media-scape of the offices, Speculative Futures was chosen as a project through a partnership with SculptureCenter. Each artist, save for Cao Fei, was commissioned to produce new work/intervention into the space. For instance Julieta Aranda, interested in the flow of information and alternative economies, collected and organized all the email spam sent to her from Nigeria, or allegedly from Nigeria, promising large sums of money. Proposing a solution to the global financial crisis, Aranda represents this data as a public transit terminal, called, ‘Meanwhile in Nigeria’. 

Ana Prvacki’s installation, POST APIS, actualizes a solution for saving the potential future crisis of bee extinction—also called ‘The Colony Collapse Disorder’ phenomena. Prvacki proposed investment in the future currency of honey, which she displayed in a mobile beehive unit adjacent to Bloomberg’s own snack bar area. The intervention extended into an actual Bloomberg terminal, which presented up to date news on the disappearance of the Western Honey Bee through stocks and articles on honey, fruits, and all pollination- dependent industries. Beth Campbell built one of the largest sculptures, titled Elsewhere. Elsewhere elicits the familiar effect of an infinity mirror without the use of mirrors, relating to the myriad reflections and refractions present in the office. There’s no such thing as a bad decision’ another Campbell sculpture, hung ominously over a main conference table, while Cao Fei’s epitomous video, The Birth of RMB city was projected towards a lounge area offering viewers an animated amalgamation of Capitalist/Communist future cities.

In Speculative Futures, the Bloomberg offices become the futurological mothership—the hub and the electronic generator for four women artists who represent the generation who witnessed the exploding digital age as they themselves matured as art-makers.

Julieta Aranda
, Beth Campbell, 
Cao Fei
, Ana Prvacki