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Without You I'm Nothing

About the Exhibition
Three interventions: Daniel Bozhkov, Danica Phelps, Julieta Aranda + Anton Vidokle. Organized as satellite projects to the 5th Istanbul Biennal.

Each project considered the street and mercantile culture of Istanbul and proposed an intimate exchange through a public, commercial transaction.

Daniel Bozhkov arranged an apprenticeship in a local ‘Simit’ and sold his bread sculptures based on an index of obsolete Ottoman words on the street.

Danica Phelps, known for chronicling her every transaction, made diaristic drawings of each of her street purchases at the Grand Bazaar.

Anton Vidokle + Julieta Aranda, printed the first of their collaborative newspaper series, ‘Popular Geometries’, offering tabloid-like syndicated news coverage of scandalous public sculpture and disseminated them throughout the streets and public sites of the Beyoglu district.

Fluent~Collaborative and The Roy and Nuita Titus Foundation and Artists Space, Vasif Kortun and Platform Garanti, Istanbul, 2003